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Publication Testimonials

MediaBids has over 9,000 registered publications. These publications range from daily newspapers to national magazines. Here's what a few of them had to say about MediaBids' various services for publications:

  • "Normally we do not work with per-inquiry ads, but we took a chance with the MediaBids' program. We are so pleased at the outcome of our campaign that we will continue to place ads. MediaBids' staff is wonderful to work with. Thanks for converting us!"
    - Alissa Dimick, Publisher, Salt Lake City Weekly
  • "I wasn't sure as to what results to expect when I started using the Per-Inquiry Advertising Program. But now I know it works and more important it has made a huge consistent positive difference in my bottom line. Money is always good but the best part in the Per-Inquiry Ad Program is the people that make it all happen. They are like an extension of my staff, they are professional but friendly and have always come through for me. I am highly satisfied with the Per-Inquiry Ad Program."
    - Wilfredo Leon, Publisher, Latino Newspaper
  • "We have found MediaBids Per-Inquiry Advertising Program to be beneficial to our publication - especially if we have last-minute ad space to fill. We intend to continue with the program, and look forward to placing ads from new advertisers that come on board."
    - Steven Williams, Publisher, Blue Book Milwaukee
  • "Mediabids has provided a way to work with advertisers who benefit from ad placement in our publications. Ironically, there are times the advertiser actually pays more in a month's time through MediaBids then had they purchased the ad directly through our network. Fortunately, it becomes a winwin for both us and the advertisers and provides proof that our publications are a great marketing product."
    - Alyse Mitten, Executive Director, Mid-Atlantic Community Papers Assoc
  • "Mediabids per-inquiry print advertising program has been a valuable tool for filling space from time to time. A recently improved interface makes it easy to request high quality ads for my publication."
    - Jim Woodward, Christian Science Monitor
  • "Have you ever struggled with what to do with remnant space in your publications? MediaBids gives you content for that space and pays you based on the results you deliver. It's fair for everyone. We have been working with MediaBids for several years. They deliver as promised, give excellent reports, and are very professional to work with. I recommend them without hesitation."
    - Doug F, SAPA
  • "MediaBids has been a absolutely great resource for us. We were able to place some key media and print buys through them, for some real targeted business accounts. They were fast, efficient and provided such a smooth process to fill some key spots in our issues. We have not only increased advertising revenue as a result, but we have locked down long term scheduling and commitments with some key advertisers that we have been targeting. We are continuing to work with them on additional advertiser and clients and would recommend them to any media buyer or publication."
    - David Schwartz, Advertising Director, PINK Magazine
  • "Ads from national or brand name companies provide an important addition to The Irish Emigrant. Readers and local advertisers view these advertisements as an endorsement of our titles. The MediaBids Per-Inquiry program has given us convenient access to brand name ads, along with the ability to generate revenue from unused ad space."
    - Connell Gallagher, Publisher, The Irish Emigrant