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Per-Inquiry Print Advertising Program Overview

MediaBids works with thousands of newspapers & magazines in the US and Canada to place advertising for select businesses on a pay-per-call basis. We provide the largest and most comprehensive pay-per-call print advertising program available.

How Mediabids Per-Inquiry Advertising Program Works for Advertisers

If you are looking to increase inbound calls, print advertising can drive high-converting leads your way. MediaBids offers a unique program that allows qualifying advertisers to pay for their print advertising on a performance basis. This means that advertisers will only pay when a qualifying phone call is generated from print advertisements that run within MediaBids' partner newspapers and magazines. Advertisers must fill out an application, including a credit check, to be considered for this program.

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How Mediabids Per-Inquiry Advertising Program Works for Publications

Over the past few years, MediaBids' Per-Inquiry Advertising Program has generated millions of dollars in additional revenue to print publications across the US. Newspapers and magazines that sign up for this program are provided with custom-sized print creative from national, well-branded advertisers. Classified and banner ads are also available by request. Each ad has a unique phone number that tracks phone calls made to the ads by publication readers, and publications are paid for qualifying responses.

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History of Mediabids' Per-Inquiry Print Advertising Program

In late 2007, Mediabids began to test the performance-advertising waters with a small group of advertisers and publications. Since then, advertisers and publications alike have gravitated towards this performance-based print advertising model. Advertisers, especially those who previously had restricted their marketing efforts to more measurable mediums, such as online advertising, seem to like the structure of the PI program as it provides them with more accurate measurement tools and a performance-based payment structure not found anywhere else in the print world. Some print publications find the per-inquiry ads to be valuable in filling otherwise unused inventory if an advertiser drops out at the last minute, or in leveraging national brands for new advertiser acquisition.

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* Advertisers interested in seeing if they qualify for Mediabids Per-Inquiry can create a free account using this link.

Minimum qualifications in qualifying for a per-inquiry campaign include, but are not limited to: Having a call center that can accept calls 24/7; The ability to advertise nationally; Native files available for the ads.