About Us

MediaBids.com is the premier marketplace for buying and selling print advertising. Advertisers and publications can interact to buy and sell advertising in a wide-variety of print media (newspapers, magazines, journals, directories, shoppers, newsletters, trade magazines, college newspapers and direct mail) using patented online tools.

Available Print Buying & Selling Tools

  • Advertiser Auctions - Advertiser auctions provide a platform from which advertisers can initiate a RFP (Request for Proposal) outlining their print advertising needs. Publications can place "bids" of ad space on the advertiser auction, which advertisers can then purchase. Insertion orders are issued to both parties after a transaction has occurred. The identities of advertisers and publications are known only to participating parties.
  • Ad Space Offers - Ad-space offers are advertising opportunities posted by publications on MediaBids.com that are available for immediate purchase. Offers can include rate-card pricing, last-minute remnant opportunities, added-value incentives or significant discounts. Advertisers can create a list of "Favorite Publications" from which they can choose to receive e-mail alerts notifying them of new advertising opportunities.
  • Traditional Media Buying - MediaBids works with publications both online and offline to ensure advertisers create and execute print advertising campaigns in the right publications at the right price.
  • Per-Inquiry Print Advertising - MediaBids offers a unique performance-based print advertising program that allows businesses to pay for print ad space on a performance basis - primarily pay-per-call - and allows publications to generate revenue from new advertisers.

How We Started

MediaBids, The Newspaper and Magazine Advertising Marketplace, was founded in Winsted, CT in 1999 to allow print publications to broaden their market reach in a cost effective way while giving advertisers a web-based system to purchase advertising in a competitive environment.

Since its online launch in 2003, MediaBids.com has become the leading online print advertising marketplace, bringing together more than 9,000 publications and 15,000 businesses on its web site. MediaBids' easy-to-use platform has attracted a wide range of users, from small sole proprietorships to large national corporations.

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Mission & Vision

MediaBids aims to simplify and streamline the print advertising process by providing a website that both centralizes relevant publication information and provides tools that enable both buyers and sellers of ad space to conduct transactions more efficiently. MediaBids' vision is that with these tools, advertisers will increasingly view newspapers and magazines as a choice medium to promote their products and services - thus allowing newspapers and magazines to continue to be a viable information and social resource for our communities.