California Consumer Privacy Act Privacy Request Form

1798.100. (a) A consumer shall have the right to request that a business disclose personal information the business has collected.
1798.105. (a) A consumer shall have the right to request that a business delete any personal information about the consumer.
1798.120. (a) A consumer shall have the right to direct a businessnot to sell the consumer's personal information.
We at MediaBids, Inc. take the privacy of all visitors to our websites very seriously and we value the trust you put in us. We understand that protecting your personal information is critical to earning and keeping that trust. The California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) gives California residents the power to request access to the personal information we may have on file for them, as well as request certain actions be taken with regards to that information.

Under CCPA, California residents who wish to exercise their rights may submit a request by completing the form below. Once a request has been validated you will be granted access to your information. You will then be able to request additional actions including:

  • Deletion: you can direct us to remove all of your personal information
  • Opt-out from sales: you can direct us to stop certain transfers of your personal information

If you would like to exercise your rights under California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA), please provide the following information. We will only use this information to process your request. Please note that in order to protect customers' personal information, we are required to verify your email address AND match at least two additional pieces of information against our records to reasonably verify your identity.

Since we take personal privacy so seriously, MediaBids is also extending the CCPA privacy request process to anyone outside of California as a courtesy to all our clients and users.

For more information regarding our privacy policies, please read the MediaBids privacy policy here.

Requests may also be submitted by calling 800.545.1135

Submit new request (Already submitted a request? Look it up here.)

* Note: This is the first step in the personal information request process. Once you have confirmed your email and your request is verified, you will have the opportunity to request additional action including 'Delete Data' and 'Do Not Sell'.